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MH Copy provides quality copywriting services, editing services and proofreading services to the charity and commercial sectors.

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Proofreading service

We all have pet hates. Mine include spelling errors, incorrect punctuation and poor sentence structure. They literally make me wince. So if
you need your work meticulously scanned for mistakes, look no further. I’ll make sure your copy reads perfectly after I’ve taken a look at it.       

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The MH Copy proofreading hawk

is always ready for action. So get in touch if you’d like to hire it for anything from proofreading and copyediting an original document to checking a final proof. The hawk:

Ruthlessly hunts out spelling mistakes and corrects them.

Seizes upon punctuation errors and eradicates them.

Preys on poor sentence structure and whips it into shape.

Seeks out the wrong use of verb tense and corrects it.

Mercilessly searches for inconsistencies and amends them.

Uses the track changes tool in Word to display corrections.

Marks up the hard copy of a document with proofreading marks.